Israel is Under Assault – Here’s What You Need to Know


June 30, 2010

By Fred Benson, President of the Jewish Federation of Springfield, Illinois.

We all see/hear a great deal of anti-Israel statements in the media, but do you know if there is any truth to them?  Could you respond if such statements came up in a conversation to which you were a party?  The Simon Wiesenthal Center has published the “2010 Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies.”  Ask yourself if you know enough to respond to them.

Read now:  2010 Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies


Three thousand years before the Holocaust, before there was a Roman Empire, Israel’s kings and prophets walked the streets of Jerusalem.  The whole world knows that Isaiah did not speak his prophesies from Portugal, nor Jeremiah his lamentations from France.  Revered by its people, Jerusalem is mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures 600 times – but not once in the Koran.  Throughout its 2,000-year exile there was continuous Jewish presence in the Holy Land, with the modern rebirth of Israel beginning in the 1800s.  Reclamation of the largely vacant land by pioneering Zionists blossomed into a Jewish majority long before the onset of Nazism.

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