Hamas Threat to Israel Continues

Once again, this past weekend, Israeli civilians came under rocket fire attack from Gaza.  Were there calls for United Nations investigations?  Declarations of war crimes?  Outrage from world leaders?  No.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “defense officials said that the escalation in rocket fire over the weekend was likely Hamas’s response to the Arab League decision on Thursday to authorize the Palestinian Authority to open direct peace talks with Israel.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized as “miraculous” that the Grad rocket fired into Ashkelon on Friday did not cause any casualties.  He reiterated Israel’s position that it “reserves the right to defend its citizens and we will continue to take all necessary measures in order to defend the State of Israel, Israeli citizens and Israeli children.”

Despite Operation Cast Lead and the blockade, which is designed to prevent the continuous arming of Hamas, rockets are built and acquired.  It seems there may be a tendency to dismiss the Hamas rocket threat against Israeli civilians.  This may be because the rockets are homemade and have poor navigation (Qassam) and/or because usually no Israelis are killed, although there is often damage to homes and industry. 

Nevertheless, the rocket threat is real.  Consider this information from Global Security.








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