Israeli Company Offers Innovative, High-Tech Makeup Solution


August 27, 2010 

By Christina Passariello  

Cosmetics aisles in supermarkets and drugstores are adding electronic makeover specialists with the help of an Israeli start-up.  Read article here.  



Company Fact Sheet: 

EZface is a global company based in both the United States and Israel. For more in­formation, or to experience an EZface makeover, visit 

EZface was founded in 2000 by Ruth Gal and Rami Orpaz as a solution to the frustra­tion that Ms. Gal faced when trying to buy makeup online. Faced with practically meaningless color samples, and with no way to try them on her face and skin tone, Ms. Gal realized that both consumers and beauty brands would benefit from virtual makeover technology. EZface has since become the leading provider of sophisti­cated Virtual Makeover technology to major international cosmetics brands and retailers. The EZface Virtual Mirror concept was created to provide a comprehensive multi-plat­form marketing system for cosmetics companies and an enhanced buying experience for customers around the world.

To create the Virtual Mirror application, the EZface team undertook a massive tech­nological challenge. The team needed to develop software capable of recognizing distinct facial features such as eyes, lips, and even lashes, as well as skin tones, to create an extremely realistic application of cosmetics, in all makeup categories, on a photograph of a human face. EZface met the challenge with technology that can virtually apply any cosmetic shade on any individual photo and do so in a highly accu­rate simulation. EZface also developed unique product sampling tools to ensure that the color, sheen and transparency of each makeup product are represented as accu­rately as possible.

The Virtual Mirror application has been applied to in-store kiosk, Web and mobile phone applications, delivering on a promise of highly accurate photorealistic si­mula­tion and a range of sophisticated marketing opportunities. The Virtual Mirror appli­cation has been successfully implemented on more than 30 internet sites and in nu­merous in-store “try before you buy” kiosks worldwide. Millions of users across Eu­rope, the Americas and Asia have tried and enjoyed the Virtual Makeover. EZface continues to develop future technologies to further improve the makeup and cos­metics shopping expe­rience, wherever the shopper may be. 

In 2008, EZface introduced its new Virtual Mirror Kiosk which runs on IBM AnyPlace Kiosk™ technology integrated with a self-developed professional photography mod­ule. The kiosk enables retailers to create an engaging in-store purchasing experience whereby customers can virtually apply cosmetics to a photo of themselves and share it via email with friends for feedback. 

EZface Applications power rec­ommendation engines for such brands as L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Cover-Girl, Garnier and Revlon. A mobile application, developed by EZface for Maybel­line France won a 2008 Strategies Award for Youth.

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