Still Stuck in Findleyworld

Wacky conspiracy theorists will rejoice. 

Former Illinois Congressman Paul Findley is at it again.  Mr. Findley would have you believe that Israeli policies and US support for the only democracy in the Middle East caused 9/11. 

This is utterly ridiculous and outrageous.

Mr. Findley’s latest anti-Israel diatribe was cleverly couched within a September 2nd Jacksonville, Illinois newspaper Op-Ed column written to defend the US Muslim community. 

While you can read the Findley column, we prefer Mr. David Gehrig’s letter-to-the-editor submitted to the newspaper on September 14th:

I see that Paul Findley is still stuck in Findleyworld, that strange alternate reality in which everything bad is always and exclusively Israel’s fault, from Islamophobia to bathtub ring. Perhaps a patient and kind fifth-grader could sit him down at a globe and show him that if the 9/11 attacks were really meant as vengeance against Israel, al-Qaida missed their target by the width of an ocean. But maybe Findley considers that close enough, given that his own missives against Israel are routinely so off-target they don’t even land on the same planet. Findley says “future historians will be amazed by the utter stupidity of our government.” But if they’re thorough enough, they will also note that Congress did improve a bit in 1982, when the voters of Illinois told Findley to take a hike — and to take his obsessive hatred of Israel with him.

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