Foreign Policy Talk with Charles Krauthammer

What Is America’s Next Move?

A foreign policy talk with Charles Krauthammer

By Nadine Epstein

Moment Magazine September/October 2010


The root of the Arab-Israeli conflict is that the Arabs have not accepted the presence of a Jewish state. That’s why every time they have been offered a compromise, they have turned it down: ’47, ’67, ’78, ’93. And although people don’t even talk about it, as if it never happened, there was also Camp David in 2000, an unbelievably generous self-sacrificial offer by Israel, which included the division of Jerusalem. And what was Arafat’s response? Not only did he say no, he didn’t make a counter-offer. Six weeks later, he started a terror war. There are a lot of nuances in the Arab-Israeli dispute, but the central fact is indisputable: If the Arabs truly accept a Jewish state and an end to the conflict, the issue could be solved in a month. Border disputes are soluble. As long as they don’t accept a Jewish state there will be never be an end to the conflict, and all peace processes are worthless. Existential disputes are not soluble. And it was proved by Anwar Sadat. He said, “We accept you” in the Knesset and from there it was only a matter of time until they worked out the border dispute, and it was done.

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