PM Netanyahu Rejects Real Estate Restrictions

December 7, 2010

Address by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The National Public Bible Quiz for Adults


The Bible is the source, the source of our strength, the source of our justice and also the source of our moral. We all know Rabbi Akiva’s famous saying that summarized the entire moral doctrine of the Bible in one sentence: “you should love your neighbor as yourself.”

My friends, we must not forget that there is another verse that says: “you shall love the proselyte as yourself, one decree shall be for you, for the proselyte and the native of the Land.” There are non-Jews among the citizens of this country.

How would we feel if someone said not to sell apartments to Jews? We would have been outraged, and indeed we are outraged when we hear such things in neighboring countries or anywhere else. Such statements should not be made, neither about Jews nor about Arabs. They must not be made in any democratic country, let alone a Jewish-democratic country that respects the moral values of the Jewish heritage and the Bible. Therefore, the State of Israel categorically rejects these things. (emphasis added)

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