Al-Jazeera’s Publication of Palestine Papers Complicates Peace Process

The Jerusalem Post

On January 23, 2011, the Al-Jazeera website began a three-day release of the largest-ever immediate publication of confidential documents relating to the last 11 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. The documents cover the negotiating period from 1999, before the Oslo process broke down in Camp David, up to the frozen peace talks in 2010. 

The Jerusalem Post has a special coverage section, which you can read here.


We’ll have to see how this episode plays out in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, it highlights and underscores a critical missing component for future peace.  Since the mid 1990s, Palestinian leadership (i.e., the Palestinian Authority) has not prepared the Palestinian people for real peace (sadly, the time frame is since never).  Contrast the robust debate in Israel about compromises and potential scenarios for peace with what goes on in Palestinian society.  Israelis know that painful compromises of some sort will have to be made.  Unfortunately, in general, Palestinians, because of the way their leaders have operated, communicated and led, expect 100%.  As we all know, a zero-sum outcome for either side won’t work.

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