Well-Done, Ian McEwan

If only pro-Palestinian activists would focus on building a vibrant and democratic society, if only they would openly advocate for the end of hateful incitement toward Israel, if only they would help prepare Palestinians for peace and co-existence with Israel, and if only they would enter into serious, direct negotiations with Israel in which both sides will have to make compromises . . . well, wouldn’t that be a positive and hopeful change?

Instead, we get more of the same.  In the latest misguided attempt to delegitimize Israel, pro-Palestinian groups tried to intimidate a leading author from visiting Israel to accept a prestigious literary award.


British author dismisses calls for boycott of Israel

By Akin Ajayi

February 18, 2011


British author Ian McEwan Friday dismissed calls for a cultural boycott of Israel, maintaining that such actions run contrary to the importance of cultural engagement between peoples.

Speaking at a press conference arranged by organizers of the Jerusalem International Book Fair, McEwan observed that since Israel is a country that supports a “true democracy of opinion,” his participation in the Fair cannot be interpreted as endorsement of all aspects of the country’s domestic and foreign policies.

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