A Perspective from Israel – Time for Active Watching


Israel Is Resilient but Watchful

Amid the return of Palestinian violence and upheaval in the Arab world, there is broad consensus on issues such as land for peace.

March 30, 2011

Op-Ed by Yossi Klein Halevi.  Mr. Halevi is a fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and a contributing editor at the New Republic.


The ambulance sirens began sounding and didn’t seem to end. The terrorist attack on March 23 that killed one person and wounded 30 was the first bus bombing in Jerusalem since 2005. And it happened just as missiles from Gaza began falling on Israeli cities and towns for the first time since the Gaza War of 2009. Suddenly it was as if the normal life we’d since managed to re-inhabit was an illusion.

Israelis these days are preparing for Passover. The Passover seder is called a night of watching, in remembrance of the Israelites who were prepared at a moment’s notice to flee Egypt and enter the unknown. This year Passover has particular resonance. For Israelis, living in a Middle East veering between freedom and even greater repression, it is a time of active watching.

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