Israel Helps Japan

March 28, 2011. IDF aid delegation members set up the field clinic in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, where they will operate. Pictured: Soldiers from the IDF Medical Branch set up the field clinic before starting to treat Japanese patients. Photo: IDF.

Once again, Israel has come to the aid of victims of foreign disasters, this time in Japan.

For a quick overview of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) response, read the short reports and watch the three videos below.


An IDF Home Front Command and IDF Medical Corps delegation departed for the Miyagi district in Japan on Saturday, March 26th 2011, carrying 60 tons of equipment.

The delegation will consist of around fifty soldiers and officers including logistics teams, experts in the field of population management, Japanese translators, experts from the Committee of Atomic Energy, fourteen doctors specializing in different fields, seven nurses and nine paramedics. The teams will assist Japan’s rehabilitation efforts by providing various medical services and establishing a medical center manned by the IDF Home Front Command and IDF Medical Corps specialists.

Correction: The ranks of Moshe Meyuchas and Ayelet Shachar are both Lt. Col., and not Lt Gen. as written in the video.


The IDF specialist clinic established in Minamisanriku, Japan continues to aid the victims of the tsunami. Last week (March 31st), Toshiko Yamauchi, 78, arrived at the orthopedic clinic headed by Dr. Nechamia Bloomberg, unable to walk and dependent upon her son to push her in a wheelchair. After treatment which included a physical examination, x-ray imaging, and a surgical procedure with the assistance of the clinic’s surgical nurse, Sergei Nazrov, an exciting and amazing thing happened- Toshiko was able to walk. The video below shows Toshiko thanking the dedicated staff for giving her back her mobility.


On April 4th, the Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister, Makiko Kikuta, visited the IDF aid delegation’s medical clinic in Minamisanriku, a city heavily hit by the tsunami. She toured the facility and met with delegation members, who communicated via IDF translators.

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