Hamas Fires Rockets At Israel from Cemetery

We know that Hamas is willing to endanger Palestinian civilians by staging military attacks against Israel from everyday population centers such as schools and mosques.  Now, there’s no respect for the deceased either.


Israel Air Force Identifies Terrorist Squad Firing from Cemetery in Sajaiya

April 9, 2011

Source:  IDF

This drone footage captures a terrorist squad spotted immediately after the firing of rockets at the Israeli home front, from within a cemetery.

After the firing of four mortar shells at Nahal Oz from within the cemetery in Sajaiya, Israel Air Force drones equipped with cameras are diverted to the scene.

The IDF regrets that the Hamas terrorist organization chooses to operate from within its civilian population, using it as a “human shield.” The IDF will continue to operate with strength and determination against any terrorist organization using terror against the State of Israel. The Hamas terrorist organization is solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip

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