IDF Aid Delegation to Japan Completes Mission

Source:  IDF

The IDF Aid Delegation to Japan has completed its mission. 

The members of the delegation returned after providing medical care to the residents of Minamisanriku (in the Miyagi Prefecture) and its vicinity over the past two weeks. The delegation landed at Nevatim Israel Air Force Base on April 12th..

IDF Aid Delegation to Japan Returns Home

The key to the medical clinic is transferred to the mayor of Minamisanriku. Left to right: Commander of the Medical Delegation, Lt. Col. Dr.Ofir Cohen-Marom, Mayor of Kurihara, Mr. Isamu Sato, Mayor of Minamisanriko, Mr. Jin Sato, Commander of the IDF Delegation, Brig. Gen. Shalom Ben-Arieh, and the Israeli Consulate General, Mr. Yaakov Rahmani.

The majority of the medical equipment taken to Japan by the IDF, including x-ray machinery and lab equipment, will remain in Japan in order to benefit the physicians and local authorities providing care to the community of Minamisanriku and its vicinity.

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