Passover in Israel and President Obama’s Passover Message

Israel Prepares for Passover Holiday

In Mevasseret Zion, new Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia attended a demonstration of the seder at an absorption center ahead of the holiday. This year will be the first seder the immigrants will be celebrating in Israel.

Jewish Ethiopian immigrants attend demonstration of a Passover seder near Jerusalem on April 14, 2011. Reuters

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U.S. immigrants in Israeli Army find Passover homes away from home

JERUSALEM — When Passover begins on Monday at sundown, Roxanne Fogelman, a 22-year-old Israeli combat medic, won’t be attending a seder at her family’s home in Oregon.

Left to right, Israeli soldiers Roxanne Fogelman, Michael Eliav (in shorts), Ruth Stukalov, and Jonny Handler gather at the the Lone Soldier Center in Jerusalem, which provides a home away from home for ex-pats serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. RNS photo by Michele Chabin.

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President Obama’s Passover Message


This year, that ancient instruction is reflected in the daily headlines as we see modern stories of social transformation and liberation unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa. Against the backdrop of change, we continue to pray for peace between Israel and her neighbors, while reaffirming our enduring commitment to Israel’s security.

The White House EmblemRead President Obama’s Passover message here.

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