The United States and Israel: An Enduring Partnership

An American Jewish Committee (AJC) ad in the April 28,, 2011 edition of The Wall Street Journal is a powerful reminder of the enduring friendship of the United States and Israel.

“Every U.S. President since Israel’s founding, from Harry Truman through Barack Obama, has reaffirmed the essence of the U.S.-Israel partnership – shared democratic values,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “This is all the more true now when the Arab world is engulfed in turmoil.”

The AJC two-page ad, entitled “The United States and Israel: An Enduring Partnership,” features the photos and quotes of all 12 presidents who have served since Israel’s independence in 1948.  Click to view a zoomable copy of the ad.

“Amidst uncertainty in the Middle East, Americans can always count on one reliable, democratic ally,” states the AJC ad. “Every U.S. President has affirmed the shared values and vision that make the relationship with Israel an unbreakable bond.”

“Never has it been so clear that there’s one country which was America’s friend yesterday, is today, and will be tomorrow. That country is Israel,” Harris said this week, referring to the ad, in his national weekly radio commentary on the CBS radio network, heard by an audience of 30-35 million across the country

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