Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle

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Introduction & Book Excerpts

“This is a book about innovation and entrepreneurship, and how one small country, Israel, came to embody both.”

“In a world seeking the key to innovation, Israel is a natural place to look.  The West needs innovation; Israel’s got it.  Understanding where this entrepreneurial energy comes from, where it’s going, how to sustain it, and how other countries can learn from the quintessential start-up nation is a critical task for our times.”

“Israel is one of the world’s foremost idea factories, and provides clues for the meta-ideas of the future.  Making innovation happen is a collaborative process on many levels, from the team, to the company, to the country, to the world.  While many countries have mastered the process at the level of large companies, few have done so at the riskiest and most dynamic level of the process, the innovation-based start-up.  Accordingly, while Israel has much to learn from the world, the world has much to learn from Israel.”

Note to local readers:  this book is available at Lincoln Library.

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