Aid or Provocation? Gaza Flotilla Part 2

“In order to protect Israeli civilians from attacks by the terrorist organization Hamas, the IDF lawfully enforces a naval blockade on the Gaza Strip.  The IDF will not allow these ships to breach the blockade, and will use all peaceful means necessary to prevent any confrontations.”

“Given previous attempts by the terrorist organization Hamas in smuggling weapons via land and sea and the inherent difficulties in conducting inspections at sea, it is critical that Israeli forces inspect all goods and material marked for Gaza prior to their transfer into Gaza.  Failure to do so will result in the arming of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist organizations in Gaza.  The recent interception of the Victoria ship by the IDF last March shows the attempt by Iran to arm these groups with highly sophisticated weaponry to be used against Israeli civilians.  Thus, the Israel Navy will be forced to intercept the Gaza flotilla if it attempts to break the legally enforced naval blockade.”

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