Tel Aviv Featured on House Hunters International – 3 Times!


Fashion Divas Take on the Apartment Scene in Downtown Tel Aviv

Episode HHINT-2404H

Hip Tel Aviv with its hot beaches and shopping meccas is calling Moran’s name. With her sister Liad already living in the city, Moran is excited to find her own home there. But for this fashionista, the sparkle of modish digs in the chicest of zip codes can be intoxicating. Will her sister’s tough love help avoid a budget meltdown? Find out when Moran returns to Tel Aviv, Israel with help from real estate agent, Shuli Aviad, and interior designer, Ariella Shneor.

Upcoming Schedule

September 17, 2011:  11:00 PM e/p; 2:00 AM e/p

Dream Apartments in Tel Aviv, Israel

Episode HHINT-2001H

Family comes first for Carolyn and Irene Hodes, two adventurous sisters from Illinois looking to reconnect with their heritage and settle down in metropolitan Tel Aviv. Carolyn, a writer, and Irene, an archeology student, want to pursue their dreams in a perfect apartment that will remain in the family for generations. Realtor Mati Bortnick helps the girls navigate the intricacies of Tel Aviv’s housing market, but with pressure coming from Mom and fewer options than they anticipated, the sisters are finding the “land of milk and honey” to be far from sweet. Will they find their dream apartment, or will the obstacles prove too much to handle? Find out when House Hunters travels to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Upcoming Schedule

August 19, 2011:  8:00 PM e/p; 3:00 AM e/p

September 15, 2011:  11:30 PM e/p; 2:30 AM e/p

Chen is Ready To Move Out of her Mom’s Place and Buy Her Very First Home in Tel Aviv

Episode HHINT-1312H

Chen is moving away from home for the very first time. She currently lives with her mom in Tel Aviv, Israel, but now that Chen has saved up, she’s ready to find a place of her own. With help from her mother and big sister, Chen will search Tel Aviv for an apartment. She’s hoping to find a place that’s close to her mom but is also near the downtown action. She’ll check out several apartments in Tel Aviv where she’ll encounter the beauty of the city and face the frustrations that come along with finding the ideal first home.

Upcoming Schedule

August 11, 2011:  11:30 PM e/p; 2:30 AM e/p

September 19, 2011:  7:00 PM e/p

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