Iran-Syria Fuel Missile Threat in Lebanon

First, Hezbollah continues to rapidly build up its arsenal of advanced weaponry – and expand its military presence throughout Lebanon, including south of the Litani River. Tens of thousands of sophisticated missiles and rockets are now in the hands of this terrorist organization. Its growing arsenal places the majority of Israeli civilians under the specter of attack. Hezbollah seeks to acquire even more advanced weapons through joint and coordinated transfers of illegal arms supplied by Iran and directly facilitated by Syria across the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Excerpted statement by Ambassador Haim Waxman.  30 August 2011. Israel’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

The United Nations and others in the international community are aware of the scope and magnitude of these transfers. Yet, the existing arms embargo has not been enforced – and there has been a lack of progress in the disarmament and disbandment of Hezbollah and other militias, as is mandated by Security Council resolutions. Israel views this stagnation with great concern.

Read complete statement here.

Extent of the Threat

With Syria’s help, Iran-backed Hezbollah has created a network of 1,000 facilities and amassed more than 40,000 weapons in villages across southern Lebanon during the last five years, according to a map Israel released March 31, 2011. Many of the sites – including bunkers and storage houses – are situated near hospitals, homes and schools.  Read more here. (Source: The Israel Project)

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