Palestinian National Achievement – The Brutal Truth

This is a national achievement that we should be proud of.

Khaled Meshaal – Leader of Hamas.

Damascus, Syria. October 11, 2011.

Israel has reached an Egyptian mediated agreement with Hamas for the return of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit:  one Israeli for more than 1,000 Palestinian terrorists.

Recall that Hamas invaded Israel in 2006, killing several soldiers and kidnapping Shalit, all for the very purpose of capturing Israeli soldiers and holding them hostage to gain the return of captured terrorists.

What’s most striking is the unbelievable difference in the definition of national achievement.  Last week, Israel celebrated one of its scientists receiving a Nobel prize in chemistry.  That’s a real national achievement.

Yesterday, Hamas celebrated its version of a national achievement:  “freedom for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners, including more than 300 serving life terms for violent attacks.”

Example:  “In the Gaza Strip, where celebratory gunfire greeted the deal, the family of Hassan Salama, a Hamas member, waited anxiously to hear whether he was on the release roster.  Salama was jailed for life for masterminding suicide bombings that killed 70 Israelis in 1996.”

Israel’s decision was painful and controversial, but one that any freedom-loving democracy can understand.  Example:  “Nahum Barnea, Yediot Ahronot’s senior commentator, countered that Israel has no choice but to agree.  “The price is excessive, the risks are great and the precedent is displeasing, but a state that for five years was unable to rescue a soldier from captivity by other means has no choice but to pay the price,” he wrote. “The alternative — to let him die in captivity — is unacceptable. It does not meet the minimum conditions of the Israeli tribe.”

Hamas wants the destruction of Israel.  It’s in their charter.  How does Israel make peace with that?

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