American Military Veterans Tour Israel – On Harleys

New York – November 8, 2011


Veterans entering the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo - Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Seventy-one veterans of the U.S. military completed a ten-day tour of Israel last Sunday as guests of Haim Gutin, Israel Commissioner for Tourism, North and South America, and the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

The riders toured the country on their own Harley Davidson motorcycles as part of a mission entitled Hope for Israel, whose executive director, Paul Klassen, said: “There are many American veterans who are Christians and feel a great kinship to Israel and her veterans. This motorcycle mission was our way to show appreciation to fellow veterans.”


Bikers praying at the Western Wall. Photo - Israel Ministry of Tourism.

The participants’ bikes were shipped to Israel last month and during the trip participants visited military bases, honored fallen soldiers and delivered $500,000 worth of medical supplies donated by the organization’s Hope For Israel Relief Fund that also helps Holocaust survivors and Israel’s needy. The visit also brought the bikers from the Golan to Beersheba and through much of Israel and its Christian holy places, with a bike ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem’s Western Wall as the trip’s climax.

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