College Prep Includes Training Israel Advocates

Logo: Write On For Israel

Each year, nearly 80,000 Jewish high school graduates enter college mostly unprepared to deal with potential anti-Israel challenges from peers and faculty. Our goal is to change that.

Write On For Israel [WOFI] is a one-year educational program that gives young people a background in Jewish and Israeli history, and teaches the critical thinking skills and tools necessary for them to become powerful pro-Israel advocates, spokespeople and opinion leaders – before they reach college. WOFI is open to a select group of high school students (sophomores or juniors) and includes a highly subsidized 10-day trip to Israel.

There are many Israel-related programs, however WOFI is unique in its use of journalism to explore the Jewish narrative in Israel and the right of Jewish freedom of expression in America. Write On is a collaborative effort between J, the Jewish weekly magazine of the SF Bay Area and BlueStar, a pro-Israel non-profit organization in San Francisco. The program culminates in a public film festival of student documentary films.

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