Pro-Israel Ad Campaign to Go Up, Again

January 5, 2012

For the third time in the last 12 months, a pro-Israel poster campaign will be launched in area BART stations and on AC Transit buses to counter anti-Israel ads. Sponsored by StandWithUs, the posters will go up Monday, Jan. 16, and will be posted for four weeks.

The ads feature a Palestinian and Israeli boy arm-in-arm, with the lines “Israel Needs a Partner for Peace” and “Urge Palestinian Leaders to Accept Israel as Their Neighbor.” The billboards also direct viewers to

The posters are timed to appear immediately after an anti-Israel campaign ends, in many of the same locations.

StandWithUs will place 12 ads: nine at BART platforms, including the Civic Center, Embarcadero and Balboa Park stations in San Francisco, as well as downtown Berkeley, Oakland 12th Street, and MacArthur stops in the East Bay. The posters will also appear in three AC transit buses.

In the last few years StandWithUs has posted counter-ads in several U.S. metropolitan transit hubs, including Chicago and New York City.

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