Asian Science Camp Meets in Jerusalem for 1st Time

“This year’s Asian Science Camp, which runs from August 26th to the 30th in Jerusalem, has attracted 30 outstanding Chinese students and their tutors from prestigious educational institutions such as Peking and Tsinghua universities, making the Chinese team the largest student delegation, except for the Israeli one.

A total of 220 students and teachers from more than 20 Asian countries and regions will participate in the science camp, during which some Nobel laureates, including Professor Yuan-Tseh Lee, the 1986 Nobel Laureate in chemistry, and Robert John Aumann, an Israeli-American mathematician who received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2005, are scheduled to give lecturers.”

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“The [Israel] Foreign Ministry has dubbed 2012 “The Year of Asia” in Israel, and the government has allocated NIS 4 million for the event, which is to include tours of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The organizers said they wanted to “create a platform for identifying the next generation of Asian scientists and create ties of friendship through the universal language of science.””

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