Did You Know? CornellNYC Tech—Home of the Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute

“Cornell’s new tech campus has its first brick-and-mortar home: Google Inc. headquarters in New York City.

Google CEO Larry Page hosted a May 21 press conference and was joined by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Cornell President David Skorton to announce Google’s plan to provide initially 22,000 square feet of its Eighth Avenue building to Cornell, starting July 1, free of charge. In its new temporary home, CornellNYC Tech will begin operations this fall with its first crop of students and faculty.

Cornell University and the Technion will establish and operate together a path-breaking institute to conduct joint global research with a unique emphasis on the application of sciences, entrepreneurship and management. The Technion Cornell Innovation Institute (TCII) will welcome students seeking Cornell and Technion master’s and doctoral degrees in fields such as computer science, information science, and electrical and computer engineering. Once accredited in the state of New York, TCII will confer a dual Cornell/Technion Master of Applied Science degree.

How will the NYC campus differ from our Ithaca campus?

The NYC campus, with Cornell’s partnership with the Technion, will be focused on research and graduate degrees around the tech sector. A key defining aspect of the new campus’s graduate-level academic programs is the close tie to business and entrepreneurship that will be woven throughout the curriculum from the beginning. For instance, each graduate student will have industry mentors and complete projects that are co-supervised by these mentors. Research will be focused on technology in application areas that have great commercial potential in New York City markets. While this scope will likely involve almost every existing Cornell college, the focus is more narrow than the broad research and educational activities in Ithaca.”

Source:  http://now.cornell.edu/nyctech/

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