The Secret Israeli Operation that Revolutionized Naval Warfare

Book cover:

It would make a great movie!

“Late on Christmas Eve, 1969, as the citizens of Cherbourg, France, slept soundly after their holiday meals, five navy patrol boats slipped unseen out of the city’s port into the teeth of a Force Nine gale that had driven even large freighters into harbor.”

“The five boats were among twelve prototype missile boats, the first in the West, that would change the nature of naval warfare not only for the Israelis, but for the world.”

It is “a tale of intrigue and political maneuvering: why the Israeli navy gambled its future on the then-unproven concept of missile warfare at sea; how, alone, it pioneered a missile and antimissile arsenal and withstood unscathed the first and to date only missile-to-missile sea battles in history [as of the book’s publication in 1988], during the Yom Kippur War.”  (Jacket text from Seaver Books – Henry Holt and Company, Inc.)

INS Mivtach. Class: Missile Boat. Launched: 11 April 1967 at Cherbourg, France. Source:

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