Israel’s International Rescue Operations – In Ghana Now

As I see it, it’s part of the Jewish identity, that obliges each and every one of us to aid people in time of need, anywhere in the world. This belief is what drives me and other pilots in the “Desert Giants” squadron, the squadron in charge of the medical and evacuation formation in the IDF.

Lt. Col. A, outgoing commander of the Israel Air Force International ”Desert Giants” Squadron and responsible for the aid delegations sent by the IDF abroad.

Desert Giants Logo: IDF Blog.

Excerpt (IDF Blog) – November 8, 2012:

The IDF has sent 16 delegations over the last 20 years to countries hit by terror and natural disasters, helping both Israel and non-Israeli civilians alike.  These delegations have visited Japan, Haiti, Mexico and many more, rescuing as many as 2,300 people from certain death.

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