Instead of Building A Country, Gaza Palestinians Attack Israel. Again and Again.

It defies logic and is hard to believe.  Since 2005, upon Israel’s total withdrawal, Palestinians living in Gaza have had a wonderful opportunity to build a country, albeit in at least part of the area they would like for a homeland.  Instead, whether because of Hamas, other terrorist groups, the Palestinian Authority, or the population itself, Gaza has chosen war with Israel.

Pick anyplace in the world that you, the reader, may live.  Your country would not tolerate its citizens coming under constant threat of and suffering from actual rocket bombardments.  So, why should Israel?  Where is the international condemnation?


As of October 29th, there have been 768 rocket attacks from the Gaza strip on Israel.  “In 2011 alone, 630 rockets from Gaza hit Israeli towns.  That’s an even higher number than in 2010, when 231 rockets hit Israel.”  (Source: Israel Defense Forces)

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Source: IDF.


“The terror group Hamas benefits from using its own people as human shields.  When the IDF refrains from firing into densely populated areas, such as neighborhoods or suburbs, the terror organization becomes less vulnerable by default.  Most of Hamas’ military infrastructure is purposely placed in the middle of Gaza City and scattered throughout crowded refugee camps, further putting civilians in the direct line of fire.

In this video, uploaded online by Hamas only two days ago, you can see rockets being fired from urban living areas in the Gaza Strip.  These are the same areas Hamas operatives convert to terror sites and weapon caches.” (Source: IDF – published 10/29/2012)

“Fajr-5 rockets, a long range missile capable of threatening the lives of 3.5 million Israeli civilians, are shown being unloaded and concealed in an underground launch site.” (Source: IDF – published 11/14/2012)

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