Palestinians Use UN to Attack Israel – Still Refuse to Negotiate

The People of Israel wait for a Palestinian leader that is willing to follow in the path of President Sadat. The world waits for President Abbas to speak the truth that peace can only be achieved through negotiations by recognizing Israel as a Jewish State. It waits for him to tell them that peace must also address Israel’s security needs and end the conflict once and for all. For as long as President Abbas prefers symbolism over reality, as long as he prefers to travel to New York for UN resolutions, rather than travel to Jerusalem for genuine dialogue, any hope of peace will be out of reach.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor. Speech to the UN General Assembly, as Delivered 29 November 2012

Yesterday, the United Nations General Assembly voted to upgrade the status of Palestine to a non-member observer state.  Today, nothing is different, or better, for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

Much of Mahmoud Abbas’s UN speech was devoted to looking backward and attacking Israel, instead of looking forward to figure out how to reach a full and final settlement.  You can read it here at the WAFA – Palestinian News and Info Agency website.

Most disappointing, and disturbing because it is not being reported by major news organizations, is that it has been and continues to be the Palestinian Authority (Mr. Abbas) who refuses to negotiate with Israel.  The PA will only negotiate if Israel agrees to a set of pre-negotiating conditions, which essentially means the PA wants to achieve the benefits of negotiations (on its terms) before negotiating!  Crazy.  Where is the criticism for that?

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