Pallywood Fiction: Lies About Israel

This 9.5 minute video was produced by Write On For Israel/San Francisco teen participants (a BlueStar production).

“As Bay Area high school students, we encounter people who hold many preconceived notions of Israel. Some of our teachers openly condemn Israel for being an apartheid state and engaging in other monstrosities; fellow students speak of Israelis as murderers; and many peers refuse even to acknowledge Israel’s legitimacy as a state.

Today, most people trust the media to always tell the truth, even when it lies. Anti-Israel forces use the international media as a powerful channel to spread disinformation. By exposing the lies of Pallywood we want to put a spotlight on their malicious efforts. Our goal is to reveal the damage that’s been done to Israel’s image by Pallywood and show Israel in a brighter light–because we feel that we must do our part to protect the only real democracy in the Middle East.”

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