Israel plans military ‘revolution’ to face new regional threat

Photo. Israel Defense Forces.

Photo. Israel Defense Forces.

July 12, 2013

“Israel’s armed forces – the most powerful and best equipped in the Middle East – are changing. Older tanks and aircraft will be retired. Some 4,000 – maybe even more – professional career officers will be dismissed.

A range of other changes over the next five years are intended to make the Israeli military leaner but more effective.

Elements of the plans were set out by the Israel Defense Forces’ Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz, earlier this week.

Once implemented, they promise what some analysts have described as “a revolution” in Israel’s military affairs.

In part, of course, this is all about money. The defence budget in Israel is under growing pressure – social protest has erupted on Israel’s streets too. Significant cuts have to be made.”

Continue reading article by BBC Defence Correspondent Jonathan Marcus here.

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