Iranian Filmmaker Visits Israel: Courage and Condemnation

Photo: Jerusalem Film Festival website.

Photo: Jerusalem Film Festival website.

“Last week exiled Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf visited Jerusalem Film Festival as the honorary guest. He also screened his last movie, The Gardener, a story about a man who tends to the Bahai gardens in Haifa. This is the first time a famous Iranian artist and a former Islamist revolutionary has visited Israel since the 1979 revolution in Iran.”

Read the rest of The Times of Israel (July 19, 2013) news story here.

Mr. Makhmalbaf has been criticized by the Iranian government.  No surprise.

What’s noteworthy and alarming, though, are the other critics.  Bari Weiss, in her Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal (July 20, 2013), adds:

But then there are Iranian professors, artists, intellectuals and activists, commonly regarded as reformers, who have sided with the regime by similarly criticizing Mr. Makhmalbaf for his trip.


Learn about Mr. Makhmalbaf’s films here.

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