The Truth About Hezbollah: News and Video

Let’s not forget about the dangerous and destabilizing role Hezbollah plays in Lebanon, the Middle East, and across the globe.

This week, the European Union added the “Hezbollah Military Wing” to its terrorism list.  Read the statement from the Council of the European Union here.

Of course, it’s fair to wonder about the “wing” distinction many make between Hezbollah’s political and military activities.

Note this interesting report from Australia’s The Sydney Morning Herald:

“In a televised speech, Sheikh Nasrallah also mocked the EU’s careful distinction between Hezbollah’s military and political wings, both of which he leads.

 ”A government without Hezbollah will never be formed,” he said. ”Just as a joke, I propose that our ministers in the next government be from the military wing of Hezbollah.”

By the way, since when does Hezbollah have a permanent right to be part of the Lebanese government?  Isn’t that up to the Lebanese people themselves?


“Learn the truth behind terrorist organization Hezbollah: how it lies to justify murder and terror, targets Israelis & civilians around the world & oppresses the people of Southern Lebanon. Thanks to Iranian funding, Hezbollah has a stockpile of weapons “bigger than most governments in the world” that threatens the whole of Israel.”

Source: YouTube page of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

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