Give the Peace Process a Chance: Part Two

“No country anywhere is more interested in peace. Israel’s goal from day one, against the backdrop of relentless persecution of Jews in Europe and across North Africa and the Middle East, has been peaceful coexistence with neighboring states. But it takes two to tango, and, with only a few notable exceptions since 1948, the dance partner has been missing.”

David Harris blog post – August 15, 2013 (Executive Director, AJC)


“After recently publishing “Give the Peace Process a Chance” in the Huffington Post and Jerusalem Post, quite a few comments came my way – some highly critical

They were from the left and right, once again giving me the joy of being the target of both political poles.”

Read the full blog post here. 


Listen to The American Jewish Committee’s weekly radio message from August 13, 2013:

Israel’s Yearning for Peace

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