Denounce Academic Boycott of Israel

Message from the Jewish National Fund:

On Monday, one-third of the American Studies Association voted in favor of a boycott of Israel’s academic and research institutions. Take a stand. Show them their attempts to weaken us will only strengthen our resolve.

A.  Sign and send this letter (copy and paste) to your University’s Dean and faculty members and [via email] to the President of the ASA at


The decision made by the American Studies Association to boycott Israeli universities is wrong on many levels but I want to focus on three in particular.

1. How is it possible that no other country in the world — not Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan nor any other serial and serious human rights violator — has been the object of such a boycott by the group? Only Israel, which happens to be the one truly free state in the Middle East.

2. It is profoundly and disturbingly counterintuitive to what institutions of higher education should stand for — freedom of association and expression – both of which are at the root of any kind of co-existence between Israel and the Palestinians

3. The boycott could discourage direct negotiations just as Israel and the Palestinian Authority revive peace talks. Even Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas opposes boycotts and sanctions against Israel out of a concern for the potential damage to the talks and ultimately to an enduring peace.

Israeli-produced innovations make the world a better place. Can you imagine a world without access to laptops, cellphones, medical technology and life-saving pharmaceuticals?

I ask that you reverse this decision. The ASA should reverse its edict against their colleagues in Israel who make scientific, medical, technological and agricultural advancements and breakthroughs that benefit humankind.



B.  Urge the ASA to end their boycott by posting this on Twitter:

End the @AmerStudiesAssn boycott of academic institutions in Israel! #academicfreedom

C.  Support Positively Israel by bringing an event a college campus near you.

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