Action Required: Support Scarlett Johansson and the Two-State Solution

From the Israel Action Network:

“As you may be aware, A-list actress Scarlett Johansson recently came under intense criticism by BDS organizations and supporters due to her new role as SodaStream’s Global Brand Ambassador.

SodaStream, an Israeli-based company with a factory near Ma’ale Adumim, located just outside of Jerusalem in the West Bank, allows buyers to carbonate beverages at home. As part of her deal, she will appear in a widely-watched TV ad to air during this week’s Super Bowl game.

Thankfully, Johansson chose to promote reconciliation over divisiveness, and released a statement to The Huffington Post addressing the controversy. Johansson not only rejected calls to sever ties with SodaStream, but also expressed her support for peace and the two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. For additional information, please read the full story on IAN’s website.

Action Items:

Despite her public statement, BDS criticism continues to run rampant online, with BDS activists attacking Johansson with infographics, petitions and negative tweets.

It is important that supporters express their appreciation of Johansson’s support for the two-state solution. While she has no official Facebook or Twitter account of her own, such positive comments WILL be shared with her representatives, and we ask you to please be present in this important conversation.

The Israel Action Network advises community members to do the following:

Facebook:  Support Scarlett’s statement by liking, sharing and commenting on IAN’s Facebook post.

Twitter:  Support Scarlett by tweeting with the hashtags #YesScarJo, #Bubbles4Peace and #SodaStream, or Re-tweeting IAN’s tweet on the story.

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