Ignoring Hezbollah’s Pursuit of Advanced Weapons is Dangerous

Photo: Israel Defense Forces.

Photo: Israel Defense Forces.

It never ends.

Hezbollah continues to acquire, and attempt to acquire, sophisticated Russian and Iranian missile systems.

And, in case you’ve missed it, their soldiers are fighting on the side of the Syrian government in that country’s civil war.

Where is the condemnation? Where is the outrage?  Where are the critical Op-Eds from celebrities and academic activists?

Mostly missing, of course.

We note this in the context of multiple news reports this week alleging that Israel has disrupted yet another shipment of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah along the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Time magazine reported that “earlier airstrikes targeted four categories of armaments Israeli officials warned it would destroy if detected moving into Hizballah’s home territory of Lebanon from Syria:” [emphasis added]

1.  Advanced air defense systems—such as the SA-17 batteries bombed in a convoy outside Damascus Jan. 30, 2013. If deployed in Lebanon, they could intimidate Israeli reconnaissance flights that now operate with impunity.

2.  More accurate surface-to-surface missiles—including the Iranian-made Fateh-110s, targeted in strikes last May 2 and 5 around Damascus. With a range of 190 miles and accurate to within 200 yards, the missiles could threaten specific targets, such as power plants, deep inside Israel.

3.  Long-range precision land-to-sea missiles such as the Russian-made Yakhont hypersonic anti-ship missiles targeted by Israel at least three times last year, in May, July and October. Flying several times faster than sound, the cruise missiles would threaten Israeli ships and off-shore natural gas platforms.

4.  Chemical weapons, which Syria has agreed to surrender to the United Nations for destruction—a process being watched closely. The Jan. 30, 2103 strike on the SA-17 convoy also targeted a biological weapons research facility.”

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