When Ideology Calls for the Elimination of the Jewish State

Here is an excellent blog post from Max Kleinman, Executive Vice President/CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ.

Excerpt from BDS Part III — When Ideology Calls for the Elimination of the Jewish State:

“Now that the Arab League has given political cover to Mahmoud Abbas in his rejection of a Jewish state for Israel, we understand what the end game is for the BDS Movement. Don’t listen to BDS fellow travelers who naively follow New Left “truisms” of the 1960s of colonialism or “occupation of colored peoples” and other pablum. Instead, read what the BDS ideologues are writing and saying.

So when you are confronted by someone advocating BDS, ask them to ask their leaders whether they accept a Jewish state when their only concern is the so-called “occupation.” The more individuals learn about the true goals of the BDS Movement, the more reasonable ones who are not ideologically brainwashed, will recognize the danger that BDS poses for Israel as a Jewish state, which although imperfect as is our country, respects minority right and is a thriving democracy.”

Read full blog post.

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