When Palestinian Street Accepts the Idea of Israel, Peace Will Have a Chance

Most polls and reports indicate a significant majority of Israelis are willing to accept a two-state solution, which means an independent Palestinian state, along with the tough compromises required to make that happen.

Israelis and their leaders engage in vigorous debate and robust public discussion on all aspects of government and public policy.  Sometimes it gets a little messy, okay, maybe very messy.  That’s what living in a democracy is all about.  Just ask any American.

That’s why it was so painful, but totally not surprising, to read about the Palestinian reaction to the April 14th killing of Israeli Baruch Mizrachi.  As reported in The Jerusalem Post:

“Palestinians in the West Bank are demanding the dismissal of a Palestinian Authority minister who publicly condemned last week’s terrorist attack which claimed the life of an Israeli police superintendent near Hebron, Israel Radio reported on Saturday. According to Israel Radio, these remarks prompted Palestinians in the territories to demand that El Habash be removed from his ministerial post and put on trial.

Leaflets are being circulated in Gaza with El Habash’s picture branding him “the wayward son” while Palestinians on Facebook have threatened to kill the minister, Israel Radio reported. In doctored images that have been placed on posters, El Habash has been dressed in ultra-Orthodox garb.”

Really?  A Palestinian official says it’s bad to shoot-up a car of Israelis, killing one, and the public calls for his dismissal, trial, and even death.  Guess he’s just too pro-Israel.  But wait.  This same minister was described by a senior Israeli official as “one of the biggest inciters against Israel,” per a Haaretz newspaper report.

As we have said before, when you don’t prepare your society for peace and mutual recognition, making compromises to achieve peace and establish your own state do not happen.

No wonder it’s so difficult for the Palestinian Authority to publicly recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Where is the Palestinian Anwar Sadat?  That’s the right kind of “pressure” to put on Israel.

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