Israel Promotes Reading, Gives Books to Arab Youngsters

“Maktabat al-Fanoos (Lantern Library) is an Israeli Arabic-language book program that strives to stimulate a life-long love of books in young children and discussion of universal values at home and in preschools.

A reading readiness program, Maktabat al-Fanoos offers Israeli Arab children and their families an opportunity to create a tradition of reading stories together at home and enjoy meaningful conversations on the issues and emotions raised by the stories.”

“About 45,000 children in 1,750 kindergartens will receive four children’s books this year with the goal of instilling an early love of reading.”

“The program was created by the Israeli Ministry of Education in partnership with two foundations:

* Harold Grinspoon Foundation, founders of Sifriyat Pijama book program for Hebrew speaking children in Israel, and of the award winning North American program PJ Library™

* Price Family Charitable Fund, founder of Bidayat (Beginnings) – Early Childhood Centers and programs in Arab communities.”

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