Analysis: Hamas Trying to Get Gazans Killed

Logo: BV website.

Logo: BV website.

Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg highlights crucial elements of what really underpins the current crisis between Hamas and Israel in his recent analysis published in Bloomberg View.

Consider these excerpts, and note that the first one, oh so critical to understanding the conflict, is routinely ignored in day-to-day media reports:

1.  The politics of the moment are fascinating and dreadful, but what really interests me currently is a counterfactual: What if, nine years ago, when Israel withdrew its soldiers and settlers from Gaza, the Palestinians had made a different choice.  What if they chose to build the nucleus of a state, rather than a series of subterranean rocket factories?

He continues:

2.  In 2005, the Palestinians of Gaza, free from their Israeli occupiers, could have taken a lesson from the Kurds — and from David Ben-Gurion, the principal Israeli state-builder — and created the necessary infrastructure for eventual freedom.

And concludes:

3.  But what Hamas wants most is not a state in a part of Palestine. What it wants is the elimination of Israel.  It will not achieve the latter, and it is actively thwarting the former.

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