Senator Charles Schumer Op-Ed: No Moral Equivalency

New York Senator Charles Schumer published an Op-Ed in the New York Post on July 15, 2014.

Logo Source: New York Post.

Logo Source: New York Post.

There is no moral equivalency between Israel and Hamas


That notion that there is a moral equivalency between the defensive and targeted actions that the rule-of-law-based Israel is compelled to take, and the proactive and indiscriminate actions that hate-based organizations like Hamas takes, is completely unfair, unfounded and infuriating to supporters of Israel — with good reason.

In fact, there is no moral equivalence between the actions and reactions of Israel and Hamas and the Palestinian community to the violence that has occurred.

Again, to say that both sides are equally to blame in this recent round of violence simply lets Hamas and its leaders off the hook and naturally encourages them to continue the violence, because the condemnation of the world falls equally on Israel’s and Hamas’ shoulders — a condition they seek as effectively giving permission for future violence.

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