How Many Times Is Enough? Op-Ed by SWC’s Rabbi Marvin Hier

Simon Wiesenthal CenterSWC founder and dean Rabbi Marvin Hier’s Op-Ed, “How Many Times Is Enough?” was published in today’s Jerusalem Post.



>  The more I listen to the ‘band aid solutions’ proposed by some world leaders and diplomats reacting to Israel’s incursion into Gaza, the more convinced I am that some of the ideas have been lifted right from the “Wise Men of Chelm.”

>  But now is the time to ask the uncomfortable question, even of our friends who support us. Why is there such a double standard when it comes to Israel? Why is it that world leaders never miss an opportunity to set their alarms and ask for a wake up call only when Israel hits back at the Hamas terrorists?

>  Where were those moral voices and wake up calls when it came to taking steps and adapting measures to prevent Hamas from stockpiling 10,000 rockets?

Read the Op-Ed on the SWC website.

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