Opinion: Palestinians are Victims of Ruthless Hamas Strategy

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Logo: DW website.

Opinion: Images in Gaza are Misleading

Published July 23, 2014

By Michael Wolffsohn. Mr. Wolffsohn is a German historian and publicist, who taught at the Bundeswehr University Munich until 2012. He has published several books on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.


>  Rockets and other weapons are being fired from pre-schools, hospitals, residential homes or mosques, targeting Israeli soldiers and civilians.

>  Images of war are deceptive; they are not real. Like most images, they feign a reality; they show an illusion.  The images from the war in Gaza show many Palestinian civilians who have been shot.  They are appalling and people are right to be outraged, as these civilians are innocent.

>  But, who is responsible for their deaths?  The conclusion many draw after seeing these images is: Israel.  Yes, that’s the illusion.  But the reality is different.  Most of the innocent Palestinian civilians are victims of Hamas.

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