Media Coverage Frustrates Israel

Last week, we shared a video in which Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer expressed his frustrations about missing context in television news reports.

CNN aired a long rebuttal segment the next night (July 25th).  During that segment, former Ambassador Michael Oren explained and highlighted the objective of Hamas’ media strategy:  achieve international pressure to condemn Israel, which results in Israel being prevented from defending itself.

This isn’t about CNN, per se.  The key point for us is context, and trying to get the proper context into as many news reports as possible.  We recognize that’s difficult.

However, the disservice that Ambassador Dermer refers to is this:

If an evening news report about a UN school coming under fire doesn’t also include the fact that Hamas rockets have been found in UN schools, viewers don’t get the critical context they need (UN “Outrage” on Hamas Rockets Placed in United Nations School). It isn’t enough that Hamas rockets found in UN schools was mentioned earlier in the day.  The current viewers probably weren’t watching then, and aren’t going to know!

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