Guess What? Some Hamas Rockets Kill Palestinians

Students of the Middle East may know or remember that it’s not unusual to see militia and terrorist fighters shooting automatic rifles into the air in the middle of civilian crowds.   Professional military soldiers serving in the armed forces of democratic countries don’t do this.  Beyond wasting ammunition, consider this:  just what happens to those bullets when they come back to ground?

We’re reminded of this practice by reports that at least some Hamas rockets are landing in Gaza, resulting in death or injury to Palestinians.  We also understand that there are those who will dismiss such reports simply because the source is the Israel Defense Forces.

So, we’ll just say this to those who criticize Israel’s self-defense against a well-equipped enemy who operates by design in civilian areas and structures:  make sure you condemn Hamas for its targeted strategy to kill Israelis, and complete disregard for the well-being of the people they purport to defend.

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