World Needs to Understand Hamas Leaves Israel Few Good Choices

Logo Source: Times of Israel.

Logo Source: Times of Israel.

Hamas’ Last Cigarette

Blog post by Jonathan Carey.  Mr. Carey is Founder and Executive Director of two nonprofit organizations, BlueStar and the US-Israel Law Exchange.

August 22, 2014


>  What might be at the root of Hamas’ willingness to sacrifice its most devoted followers to commit “suicide by Israel?”

>  Rather than blindly criticizing Israel for the number of casualties Hamas reports in Gaza, leaders need to join together to see the situation for what it is, and help prevent more “suicides by Israel.”  Not only will Israelis be safer, but a whole generation of Palestinians may discover a life worth living.

>  The rest of the world should be paying attention now because impossible-to-satisfy demands from Islamic fundamentalist groups like Hamas are increasing around the globe, and once started, they will never end.

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