The Hamas Tunnel Killing Plot. And Why They Need Guided Rockets.

Credit: Vanity Fair magazine.

Credit: Vanity Fair magazine.

Hamas may have been planning a massive, integrated, surprise tunnel attack with hundreds of fighters from multiple Gaza tunnels for Rosh Hashanah 2014.

This possibility, averted via Israeli destruction of Hamas tunnels during recent military actions, has been previously suggested in news reports.  Vanity Fair magazine published an in-depth account on October 21st, titled:

Did Israel Avert a Hamas Massacre?  The story behind the Gaza tunnel plot, from Israeli intelligence officials—and Hamas leader Khalid Mishal.

Also take note of the twisted logic, presented so matter-of-factly by the Hamas leader, when asked about rocket attacks against Israel civilians:

“When rockets are fired out of Gaza, they are fired on military targets. The accuracy of such rockets is limited. So, they sometimes miss their targets. That’s why, when we acquire the smart, accurate rockets, striking of military targets will be more accurate.”

In reality, Hamas just wants to kill Israelis – civilians, soldiers, anyone, everyone.  All they need are more sophisticated weapons.  No wonder they want an airport and seaport!

The article also raises another chilling possibility – that Hezbollah has been building a similar terror tunnel network to hit northern Israel.

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