“Victimhood Over Statehood” Strategy Must End

Credit; NY Jewish Week website.

Credit; NY Jewish Week website.




Editorial – January 7, 2015

Abbas, Bibi Call Each Other’s Bluff


For many years now, the Palestinian leadership has shown that it places victimhood over statehood. Time and again it has rejected or neglected every Israeli offer to cede land and risk security to accommodate a Palestinian state. Reasoned, rational voices like Ambassador Dennis Ross, who has made a career out of the Mideast peace process, are now saying it is time to insist on Palestinian accountability. “Stop Giving Palestinians A Pass” was the headline of Ross’s welcome op-ed in The New York Times on Monday.

He and so many other U.S. diplomats are guilty of not coming to that conclusion years ago. But it may not be too late to put the political and economic squeeze on the Palestinian leadership and see if they are ready to be statesmen — seekers, rather than saboteurs, of peace.

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