“Progress” – Gaza Style

The public rationale is based on warped logic, but the result is good:

Gaza officials (meaning Hamas) have decided to officially allow the importation of goods from Israel.

The Palestinian news agency, Ma’an News Agency (MNA), reported today that “Gaza’s Ministry of Economy said Sunday that it would allow the entry of Israeli products into the Gaza Strip for the first time in five years.”

Source: BlueStar

Source: BlueStar

Per the report, “Imad al-Baz, assistant deputy of the ministry, said soft drinks, clothes, coffee, and other Israeli goods would be allowed into the Strip.”

Note the explanation, though, that al-Baz used to explain the decision:

“The last war led to the destruction of thousands of factories, which affected the production power (in Gaza), and to fill that gap we decided to allow Zionist products in.”

It’s progress nonetheless.

Too bad, though.  Israel and Gaza could have been ten years into economic trading by now had Palestinian leaders taken a different course after Israel’s complete departure in 2005. Instead, the investment went to rockets, tunnels, kidnapping and terror.

Note.  “Israeli products have entered the Gaza Strip in the past five years and been sold there, but their purchase was officially condemned by the Hamas government that runs the Palestinian enclave.” (The Times of Israel)

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