Killing Jews, Israelis Cannot be a “Holiday”

Consider the importance of a few sentences at the end of a news report in yesterday’s The Wall Street Journal titled, Tensions Ease on Israel-Lebanon Border – Israeli Minister Says Hezbollah Sent Message Asking for Cease-fire:

On the main commercial strip in the Lebanese border town of Bint Jbeil, residents were unfazed by the prospect of another war with Israel.  The locals shot firecrackers in the streets and passed out sweets in celebration at Hezbollah taking revenge for those killed in Quneitra.

Ms. Bazzi said she still had fireworks in stock in case of another Hezbollah attack.  “It was like a holiday,” she said. (bold emphasis added)

The reference to “those killed in Quneitra” refers to an Iranian general and six Hezbollah soldiers killed in a recent attack on Israel’s border with Syria.  Iran’s support of Hezbollah and interest in destabilizing Israel’s northern border via its military proxy is well-known, if not sufficiently acknowledged or reported.

What we want to communicate here, though, and sadly note again is the never-ending hatred for Israel and Jews.  When that abates, hopefully from strong leadership a la the late Anwar Sadat, peace with Israel and its neighbors will have a real chance.

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